At Syllaba's Black Belt Academy our mission is to educate our students to allow them to be the best martial artists possible. Each student will be taught how to respect themselves and others while learning the value of hard work and working together as a team. I will do my best to instill discipline, leadership skills, and build the self confidence of every student at our school.

The primary focus at Syllaba's Black Belt Academy is Taekwondo. I teach an early style of forms that adhere to the Official ITF Syllabas. Forms are a systematic, and prearranged series of moves that serve as a base to learn proper technique. Proper technique allows you to execute punches, kicks, and blocks with maximum effectiveness; hence, making you a better martial artist. Additionally, forms are used in assessing the readiness of a student to progress to a higher belt rank.

I also teach elements of Hapkido and Judo-based grappling. These styles include hold downs, joint locks, and other techniques that will allow you to excel in a fight even if you are forced to the ground.

  • Served in the US Military
  • Retired Ohio Police Officer
  • Over 30 years of martial arts experience.
  • Trained under William "Bill" Hannah of Hannah's Black Belt Academy.
  • Actively trains for and competes in martial arts competitions.
  • Owned and operated Syllaba's Black Belt Academy for over 4 years.
When you purchase your GI "martial arts uniform", a white belt is included. Belt progressions are determined by a student's ability to learn and execute the skills required for each advancement. Hard work, perseverance, and practice will allow you to advance steadily in the quest to obtain your black belt. The black belt you earn here can be registered at the Kukkiwon in South Korea.

We award incentive patches to be added to the kids GIs. These can be awarded at any time if the student is excelling in a particular way. These could include "Academic Achiever" "Student of the Month" or "Junior Leader" to name a few. These patches are an additional way to award exceptionalism inside and outside of class.